Luke Farritor

Photo of yours truly near Sea Otter Refuge Viewpoint in Big Sur

About Me

Hi there! My name's Luke. Pleasure to meet you.

I'm an engineer with a focus in robotics, machine learning, embedded systems, and software engineering. In the past I've worked for SpaceX (starlink and starship), Marble Technologies, Blue River Technology, Don't Panic Labs, and a number of other companies and startups. In addition to my engineering work I also try to create various forms of art, and also enjoy music, golf and biking. I'm currently pursuing a bachelors in Computer Science with minors in math and business at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

For the first half of 2023 I was an intern on Starship Launchpad software, and for the second half of 2023 I've been working on the Vesuvius Challenge.

On this (currently outdated, i'll update it soon!) website you'll find an incomplete directory of my engineering and artistic work, as well as ramblings about whatever happens to cross my mind. Welcome, and please enjoy your stay!

You can also find me on:

Best way to contact me is to DM on X