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Soundtracks for the Present Future in the Present Media

All the online appearances of the art exhibition "Soundtracks for the Present Future", gathered into one place.

In the news

Watch now: Lincoln artist Charley Friedman creates new ‘instument’ from wired guitars - Lincoln Journal Star

Farritor engineers musical solution for art exhibit - UNL News

Friday LIVE: Extra: "Soundtracks for the Present Future" extended interview - Nebraska Public Media

Everson Museum of Art features local artists in new exhibitions

Videos - On Exhibition:

Satyagraha at The Everson <— my personal favorite!

Paul Barnes Performance at Bemis (with Charley/Luke/Paul/Rachel interview)

Paul & Jeremy performance at Bemis (can't find link)

Constellation for Suspended Guitars - Nicholas Lemme

Bemis install timelapse

Videos - In the studio:

Liszt’s Pater Noster Reimagined by Charley Friedman’s Soundtracks for the Present Future

Bach’s Prelude in B-flat Minor as you’ve NEVER heard it!

Einstein Excerpt by Philip Glass - VR video

Prelude in B flat Minor - VR video

Solace by Joplin - VR video

Charley Friedman Studio Visit

Videos - Development:

Kickstarter Video

Jay playtesting the guitars

Bass Demo

Paul in the studio - Bach


Charley Friedman’s website

The Bemis Center’s website (Showed June-Aug 2021)

The Everson’s website (Showing Jan-April 2022)

Kickstarter Page

Luke Farritor’s website (you’re already here!)

Greg Simon’s website

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